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2020: An Awakening Year


Year 2020 has been the most happening year till date for us. Whatever we have gone through this year has made a huge impact on our lives. Considering all the events, that have occurred this year made us realize one thing and that can be summed up as an Awakening year. Yes, I would love to say that 2020 has been an awakening year for me and for many others. I always mention 2020 as an Awakening year. It is just my call to recognize and appreciate this year for the positiveness that it has brought into the lives of many. I know many people are going through different experiences this year. But if we really see it, it will appear to us as an eye opener. An eye opener in the sense, it made us realise that what is important in our lives. What should matter to us the most? This year guided us in understanding the real concepts of human lives. In fact, it is not just about us, but the nature also seems to be repairing itself.


If you completely agree with this, then it is great to know that we think like. But if you do not agree with me, then I would like to share my understanding that will at least lead you to think about my thoughts about awakenment.


Now, if someone says that how can I say this year as an awakening year, then let's understand that the time that we have spent this year with our family, the importance of friends and relatives that we have given this year. Our natural focus has drifted from the worldly affairs to the important aspects of human lives.  Earlier, we did not value the human life so much in comparison to the current times. We know how COVID has impacted our lives and what changes, we are going through in this current turmoil time. COVID has really changed our outlook towards many worldly things.  


We all know that 2020 has been a different year for so many of us in different ways. Whatever we have learnt this year has made a huge impact on our minds. In short, we can say that 2020 has been an eye opener year. A year that taught us so many things and has broaden up our prospective of looking at the things. I always refer 2020 as an awakening year. When people have realized what is important and what is not important.


This year really made us to think what is important is in our lives. Do we need to always run after the materialistic things, or should we analyse what is important is in our lives?


Definitely, 2020 has been a different year in all the sense people lost their jobs, going through emotional turmoil, feeling the pain of loss and much more. But that, did not let them lose their hopes to stay positive and move ahead in their lives.


If we take things positively then you will realise that 2020 has made a huge impact on us and have changed our outlook towards the things, the way we perceive them. Now, we know what is important for us. We do not need to push ourself in our lives for small things. We have started valuing the life to its fullest.


When we look at the positive sides of this year, we get a better understanding of how our lives moves. It will let us rethink on how precious our lives are, for us and for others too. This year has provided us with an opportunity to stay close to our families and friends. Most of us have never dedicated so much time to our families. Earlier, we would go out and search for happiness. But now, we have understood that happiness lies within ourselves. We do not need to roam here and there to find happiness. If we try to find peace in ourselves, we will be peaceful.


So, the time has come to realise what really matters to most of us. We need to open our eyes and embrace the positivity that it has brought into our lives. It is the time to rethink and re-prioritize and emphasise on our ultimate goals and objectives of our lives.


At last, I will give the credit to 2020 for being an awakening year.



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