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Be Grateful-


Have you ever felt in your life that you missed upon an opportunity to convey an important message to a person whom you loved or respected a lot in your life? This important message can be an expression of your emotions that were hidden in your heart, but you never shared that feeling with the concerned person. What if you know that your message may create lot of happiness in one’s life or may help other in getting motivated on how to live the life.


This happiness in other’s lives can be brought through numerous ways. Maybe we can go and meet them, hug them, just call them on phone and numerous other ways to express your affection for them. One of the ways can also be to appreciate them for their contribution in your life. Yes, their contribution in your life. Now if you are wondering what contribution in your life? You might have questions in your mind like I never asked for the help from someone, I have achieved things on my own. So, here I am to show you the mirror.


Whatever we do and achieve in our lives majorly depends upon our hard work but what if we are determined to achieve some goals and started working on it. But Suddenly, we heard bad news about someone and then we got upset. Now, we are so upset to resume working back on our goals. Then suddenly one day, a friend gave us a call and cheered us. And then after this call, we are feeling so happy and resumed back our work. In this scenario, some people might want to give the credit to themselves for cheering up. But logically, there is some contribution of the friend to cheer up our mood. So, if you agree with me then we need to be thankful to the other person too for bringing happy moments in your life.


So, its important to learn how to be grateful to others. When we are feeling grateful to others, we feel more positivity around us. And this positive attitude towards the life, will bring more positivity and happiness in our lives. Positive attitude and happiness are the same aspects of one coin, and they go together.


Truth is truth whether you believe it or not. Truth wont change if you do not agree to it. Truth is the fact so getup and learn how to be grateful to others.


When we try to see positive aspects of other person, we focus more on positivity in life. But when we waste our time in criticizing others, then it unnecessarily creates stress and tension in our as well as other’s life too. So, try to make a habit of being grateful to others. There will be times in our lives when we are upset and feeling low, but do not let these negative emotions to ruin your positivity and try to get over it very soon.


Its proven by science as well that our outlook towards life plays a major role on our health. If you want to be healthy then focus on positivity. Being grateful to others will reduce the friction between two persons and increase the positive vibes creating a huge impact on the relationship between the two.


Each day we meet so many people around us. Have you ever thought how much they have contributed in your life in some or the other way? Lot of times, we miss to appreciate the contribution of other people and just focus on our contributions. And that is natural. So now, it is the time to be thankful to others and pay some gratitude. The best way to show this gratitude can be to be grateful to others and appreciate others for their contribution in our lives.


So, lets start from today and feel grateful to others.



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