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Beautiful Life

How would you feel if one day you wake up and informed that you have been awarded with the most prestigious award named as Most beautiful person on the universe?

What would be your first reaction?

Would you be happy, amazed, or would you be jumping all over the place with happiness or might be calling your friends and family and sharing the news? You would feel overwhelmed after receiving so many congratulation messages from you friends and family. You would like to share your happiness with others around you.

Overall, that would be a great news and would made your day. As a result, you would feel happy throughout the day. Your day would be full of excitement, joy, happiness, and love.

We could say that day would be one of the best days of your life or at least one of the special days in your life.

So, if just one good news received on a day, can bring so much happiness in your life and might change your perspective towards seeing the life. So, let us assume what if you continue to receive good news each day of your life. Looks like, life will become incredibly beautiful, full of happiness, love, and recognition.

But do you think, it is possible to hear good news each day?

If your answer is “Yes” then I would say that you are one of the luckiest people on the planet Earth.

However, if your answer is “No” which is a real-life scenario, then definitely I have a point to share with you.

Our situations in lives keep on changing from time to time. The only thing constant in life is the change. This change may trigger a positive situation or may trigger a negative one, but it cannot be the same all the time. As situation changes, so our behaviour towards the situation leading to the good or bad handling of the situation based on our current circumstances. These changes may be beyond our control, but we do have a control on how to manage that situation in our life. And our outlook towards that situation will shape our future.

In a way, if we have a clarity on what we want from our lives then definitely we have a choice to shape our future through our thoughts. If we really want to be happy, then we can be happy in our lives. We will find ways to make ourselves happy. We do not need to wait for any good news to make our lives happier. We just simply need to change our outlook towards life. Just believe that happiness lies in our hands without any dependency on others and when we start thinking in this pattern, then we will automatically find thousand of reasons to be happy. With continued practice of thinking about positivity, you will gradually learn on how to focus on the positive aspects of your life and with time, you will start attracting positive situations as well.

To conclude, life has never been a straight line for anyone instead, it resembles a bell curve. Sometimes we face challenges and sometimes we feel blessed. We can never be in the same situation all the time as we do not have any control over the external factors. But we do have control on how we behave and what we think the most. So, keep our outlook positive towards any situation as our outlook towards life decides the quality of our life. If we stay happy & positive then we will attract more positive situations in our life and we will fill our lives with positivity. So, choose your decision wisely and focus on your life goals.

“Choose a beautiful life as you are worthy of it.”