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Definition of Success


Success is a word that we hear manier times in our lives and for some, success is the only mantra of their lives. But have you ever clearly give it a thought that what success really means and does it really matters the most?

In basic terminology, success is achieving something that we aim for. That means, word 'success' is entirely dependent upon what we want to do in our lives. And if we work hard to attain our set objectives, we can declare it as our success. 

Now for a moment, let us think differently, so success can be determined by our set goals. These goals are again interdependent on what we want in our lives. In turn, our wants can be partially or entirely based on our needs. Our needs can again be dependent on factors derived from our aspirations to earn more happiness, fame, money and many such factors.

So, we can say that success is a key factor to determine the quality of life that we aspire for. And one needs to work harder and stay focused to become successful.

If we look into the materialistic world, we will observe that success is measured based on the wealth a person has accumulated or may be the designation that a person is holding in his/her workplace. But do you really think that this is the real criteria of judging the success of a person? In my opinion, the answer is 'No'. This is not the complete picture to measure the success of a person.
In reality, what should matter the most is how successful we are as a good human being. To become successful human being should be our priority rather than being successful in the collection of worldly pleasure things in this materialistic world.  

Human birth is the most precious gift given to us by the God and if we spend our entire lives just in earning or worrying for the worldly things, then we are not doing justice with ourselves. We are blessed to have a life in the form of humans and with abundant intelligence that can be used for the upliftment of the humans. So, the choice is ours if we really want to be experimental and try to do something new in order to create our new path or we just want to continue with the set defined paths followed by everyone in this world. Its our life so decision is also ours.

So,if you are following the pre-defined set paths, then obviously, for you the definition of success will entirely depend on the factors based on the materialistic worlds. But, if you really think differently and believe in yourself, then you will surely try to figure out different factors that motivates you to move further in life and for you, the definition of success will also be dependent on numerous factors. But these factors may or may not completely be dependent on worldly things. For example: For one person, success may mean just helping the needy one. And for the other person, it might be leading a spiritual life. So, there is no clear cut formula to measure the success of others. Infact, no one should judge the success of others as we are the best judge ourselves to know how successful we are in our lives.

Whatever factors derives the definition of success for us, the fact is that we are born to be successful in whatever we do with sincerity, focus and hard work. So, in the real world, it does not matter much what our factors are to judge the success. But if success factors are completely dependent upon on our aspirations and what we really want to do, then our success rate would be good. If surely need to figure out, what we really want from our life. Our lives are precious and we need to spend it in really doing what we really want to do.

The next factor that plays an important role in our success is our mindset. What we think and how we think determines our future. So, be cautious of your thinking pattern. Our positive thoughts can led us to a successful path whereas negative thoughts can create doubts on our self-abilities thus discouraging and deviating us from the path of success. So, its very important to be mindful of our thoughts and aspirations to attain success.

To conclude, the parameters determining our success entirely depend on us and our desires. What one wants in his/her life may differ from what others want in their lives, so there is no use in generalizing the success parameters. They will vary as we are different from each other in terms of thinking and aspirations. So, lets be experimental and create our own defined set goals and measure our success entirely based upon them.




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