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Judgement and Excuse (Written by Nidhi Pancholi)


We humans are the most beautiful creation of God. Right from the capability to think, analyse and react, Almighty blessed us with all the other best features too like beauty and emotions. He must have imagined the Earth as the most beautiful and serene place. But, unfortunately every feature we were given had a negative side too, if used inappropriately.  (Now, you may read again -the features listed above).


 Amongst, so many other aspects spoiling our world,  I want to really talk about two points have been hovering my mind for last many days.

  • Judgement

  • Excuse


Whether we look around or introspect, these two behavioural aspects are very common. As soon as we encounter a new person, we start judging him/her unknowingly. We judge based on the appearance, nationality, religion, caste, language..It’s a long list. We keep judging  even without having the complete information about the person.


We don’t even spare our neighbours, close ones and even family members and use our birth right to judge them at various occasions. Then we make notions. These notions (wrong in most of the cases) lead to social and emotional disaster.


Now let’s switch to the other side and imagine landing up in an unfavourable situation or being confronted by someone or being criticised (positive criticism or bringing up areas of improvements). What will be our first reaction (usually) ?? We immediately and unknowingly start making excuses. We are so comfortable doing it that we create an invisible shield around us which hinders our own improvement. Needless to say , it also creates negativity and dissatisfaction around us.


Both, “Judging others” and “Making excuse” are not helping mankind in any way. Rather we can spend our time and energy in something more meaningful and constructive.


Folks, I hope I could communicate the intended thought (without much elaboration). If this post provoked your thoughts even a little - Let’s encourage everyone around to stop Judging and stop making excuses, let’s create a better world.


Disclaimer: This article is written by Nidhi Pancholi from Pune, India. Any views or opinions represented by the guest post are solely his/her opinion. Nidhi is an IT Professional and writes articles & poems by hobby.



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