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Let's Appreciate Others


Have you ever thought of bringing a smile on someone else's face just by saying few words? Now, you must be wondering how is it possible to make an impact on other’s life, how can we bring smile on someone else face with just few words? Yes, surely it is possible. What if, I say you do not have to put lot of efforts, but you need to say some good things to others. We can do it and we must understand that by just saying few words to others, we can change the lives of others in a positive or in a negative way. To spread positivity, we should always try to focus on positivity. Positive impacts are mostly welcomed by everyone and this will also help others to be in peace with themselves.


Everyone loves to hear good things about them. So, if, we say good things in the form of appreciation, everyone would love to hear it. This is one of the ways to let others know how you feel about them. We all know that nobody is perfect in this world. We all have our bag of positives and negatives in our life. Since we only want to focus on the positivity, so it is better to focus just only on the positive aspects of the other person.


Making positive impacts in their lives is just a matter of our thinking and outlook towards the life. Human emotions are so powerful and enormous that they can touch the heart of anyone around us. It just depends upon our beliefs and the limitations that we set for us. If we believe, we can surely do it.


In our day-to-day life, we meet so many people who help us and make things easier for us. But have you ever wondered; how can we make the day special for them by just appreciation? Appreciation is one of the important factors that we are missing up on these days. We are so busy in our lives, that many times we even forget to thanks others for their good work. We do not know who is waiting to hear words of appreciation from others. We cannot imagine what might be the impact of these positive words in their lives. We do not know how important it is for them to get appreciation from others. Many people are struggling in their life to bring happiness in their lives. So, just imagine for a sec, how much appreciation can influence others in their deeds.


Meaning of appreciation is to admire others. This admiration can be for anything they do. So, when we are appreciating a person, we just need to focus on the positive aspects of that person. Talk only about the good things, they do. This will encourage them to do more good things that will end in either doing good for them or for others. Additionally, when we appreciate others, it also enhances positivity in our lives too. This way, we are creating a positive environment for us and the other person too directly or indirectly. During whole process, the entire focus should be on positive aspects about the others. These positive aspects can comprise of nature, behavior, acts, deeds etc. It can be literally any respectful thing that you would want to appreciate in others.

I feel it is important to appreciate others for the good things they are do in their life or in other lives. If we appreciate them for their good deeds, they will feel motivated and want to do better to others. For such people, appreciation is a reward that they truly deserve. Remember, whatever we promote the most, get spread the most. So, if we are spreading goodness then goodness will spread and to spread the goodness, it is important that we focus on the good aspects of others. If we are focusing on good aspects of others only then we want to appreciate them. It is always recommended not to be judgmental and look upon only the positive aspects of any situation or any person. With our positive outlook, we will promote positivity around us and in our lives too. So, our goal should be on spreading positivity.


Everyone loves to be appreciated for the things they do so even the small things they do for others. So, if we appreciate others even for the smallest things, they do good to others, will still motivate them to do more good things. They will feel more motivated by this act of appreciation.


And this small act of appreciation will make a huge impact in other’s life. We never know what others are going through in their lives. We even do not know about the problems and the tough times people are going through in their lives. But a small effort of appreciating others will make a huge impact in their lives and that is the power off appreciating others. This is turn will also improve our relationship with others. If we cultivate the habit of looking positives in others, we will ultimately develop positivity in our lives.

Manier times, we have seen people thinking most about the negatives in their lives, but they miss upon to see the existing positives in their lives. It is especially important in the society to appreciate others that will enlighten their life as well as ours. So, let us start and make this small change, that can lead to a huge change in our society. If you really want to bring a change in this society, then be the change.    


To conclude, when I talk about appreciation in this article, it is all about sharing the positive feedback about others and letting them know about it. By know, we understand that the word appreciation gives us a lot of relief. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the things they do in their life. Now, have you ever thought of appreciating people around you on day to day basis?


Let us imagine a day when we appreciate a person multiple times throughout the day, just to make them feel special. We can name it as a “Appreciation Day”.


Let us start this trend to appreciate others. I have started appreciating others by making WhatsApp groups for appreciation others. That is my own way of spreading words of appreciation for others. How are you planning to do it? Now, it is your turn to do the favor.


Let us start appreciating now. Thank you!



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