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Lifechanging Conversation (A Short Story)


Once upon a time, there was a girl sitting besides the steps of the stairs of a temple. She was pretty upset and looked very worried. Her eyes were full of tears and she was crying a lot. Many people were visiting the temple but neither anyone cared for her nor did anyone ask her about her condition. People were looking at her, but no one dared to go near to her. She was alone and felt helpless.

Suddenly, the priest of the temple saw this girl crying uncontrollably and approached her. He asked, “Why are you crying little angel?”


As the girl heard the priest’s voice, she was bewildered and stopped crying.  She looked at the priest and asked him “Who is the angel here?”.


The priest smiled and said,” It’s you, my dear!”.


The girl was amazed to hear this. She consoled herself and now, she was eager to hear more from the priest.


The priest read her mind and smiled at her. Then, he asked “What happened little angel, why were you crying so badly?”


The girl was puzzled at the question, thought for a second and replied, “Thank you for asking this question and showing your concern towards me.”


The priest caught her nerves and replied,” It’s ok dear. We are here to help everyone. We always support people who visits this temple.

This is our home and it’s our duty to help each other. I am the priest of this temple. You can share your sufferings with me, and I will try to help and guide you.”


Then the girl responded, “I have been sitting here for hours crying and crying. So many people have passed by, but no one bothered to come near to me and ask me this question. You are the first person who is asking this question. Others saw me crying, but they just ignored me as if I am not visible to anyone. So, I really admire you for taking out time and having patience to listen to me.”


The priest was still listening to the girl. But now, he mentioned “May be all those people were busy and in hurry to go or they really didn’t notice you sitting here.”


Now, the girl looked curious and waited to hear more from the priest. But the thought waves were still in motion in her mind. She started pondering what if he was telling the truth, maybe she was lost in her thoughts and really missed to notice others. As its true, that we all are so busy in our lives that we forgot to notice the pain in other’s lives or help those who really needed our help or time. We hardly spend time with others to listen or to understand their emotions and problems.


As the girl was lost in her thoughts, then suddenly, the priest spoke “May I know, why were you so upset today?”


The girl responded “I am a pure hearted person but still people take me wrong. Whenever I try to do good to others, they misunderstand me. However, I try, whatever I do, people don’t appreciate me. I also don’t have many friends. Sometimes, I feel as if no one needs me in this world.  Why God has created good people in this world when no one needs them? Do you have any answer to my question?”


Hearing this, the priest remained silent for some time and then he responded,” May be your circumstances led you to think so. May be the people whom you have met, didn’t realize your worth. May be you didn’t get chance to meet many people who can guide you. May be you are surrounded by people who don’t understand the true meaning of pure soul. But the fact remains the same that just mere presence of good people in this world makes this world incredibly beautiful. The presence of good people is needed by all directly or indirectly. You are the reason for this world to look beautiful. Pure souls are much required by this world for their spiritual growth as well as the growth of the other human beings. Never judge yourself by what others think about you, as opinions differs from person to person and based on the circumstances. They don’t know you better than you, you yourself know. They don’t know how you feel about this world. They don’t know about your good deeds. They don’t watch your actions 24x7. In short, they don’t know you completely and when they don’t know you then how can they judge you. And when they are not in a position to judge you, then how can you believe on their opinions about yourself. Pure souls are exceedingly rare on this world. They are here with a good purpose. Their objective is to spread happiness in this world and to make this world a better place for living. There are so many people who have limited thinking, but still they judge others. As we do not know what other are going through, we should not judge others. So, don’t be judgemental and have faith on yourself. Your believes will guide you in your life and will be the stepstones for your success in life. Just follow you heart and do the good to others. Doing this on continuous basis, will increase your positivity and enlighten your life in addition to others. So, now be happy and go back to your home”.


Listening to this, the girl was bewildered. She wondered why she never thought that ways. In fact, she felt a sign of relief and was incredibly happy to meet the priest.


At last, she thanked the priest for his guidance and left the temple and went back to home.


But now, she was a completely different person. She could feel the change in herself. This complete conversation with the priest has really changed her outlook towards the life. Now she was feeling more positive about the world. She was happy in her little world.


That day, she had learnt the biggest lesson of her life to trust on herself and don’t be judgemental to anyone.



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