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Self Musing Thoughts

Monitor Your Thoughts


Think before you think.


Yes, that is true. Every thought is sending out magnetic signals to the Universe. Whatever your dominant thoughts are, you are going to retrieve the same results.


Your thoughts define your life experiences. Think of something good, and you will reap happy outcomes. Think of something unhappy, and you will reap unhappy circumstances. In a way, your mind can define your set of life experiences.


If you are thinking about something in a repeated manner, you will manifest that in your life. So, if you are thinking for long about positive outcomes, then you are going to reap the same. But, if you are thinking for a prolonged time about negative outcomes, then you are surely going to reap the same too.


Remember your days, when you were happy, the whole day went on with full of hopes and happiness. On the other side, think of the days when you were unhappy, and the full day went on with unhappy incidents making it more hard and tough. So, watch your mind channels and try to observe them and if you are going on the wrong channel then change the thinking pattern of your thoughts.


So, be aware of what are you focusing on? What is the pattern of your thoughts? Keep monitoring yourself. That is the trick. You simply need to monitor your thoughts to understand whether you are on right track of achieving your goals or not? If not, then put extra efforts to be on the right track. Do not let negative situations or emotions divert you from your bigger objectives. Remember, each and everything that happens in your life has hidden learning behind it and if you embrace this learning, then surely you are on the right track. Believe me, these things happen for the good and every situation makes you stronger.


Think only what you really want to think. Do not waste your energy on thinking about unwanted things. Focus on your goals and think about them predominantly. Stay focused!



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