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Sushant Singh Rajput- My Learnings

Learnings from Sushant Singh Rajput


To start , I would say that I have never been influenced by anyone so much in a way  that I have been influenced by Sushant Singh Rajput. There is so much to learn from him. It's nearly impossible for a common person like me to absorb all his learnings. But, I have still make an attempt to jot down my learnings from him and share with you all so that you can also learn something from Him. My main learnings from Sushant Singh Rajput are : -


Plan your day ahead -

Everyone should plan their day ahead of time. If you really want to utilize your time and energy, then this is the best way to do so. When you know what needs to be done on that particular planned day, you stay focused on achieving our goals and that really motivates you to do more and accept new challenges happily. It also lead you to feel the satisfaction of acheiving the targeted results for the day.


Write your short-term and long-term goals - 

When you are clear on what you really want to do in your life , then you set our goals accordingly. Thus leading you to be on the right track to achieve these goals. With pre-defined goals, you are able to track our achievements in the life and acknowledge them appropriately.


Give your best in everything that you do - 

Word hard and try to put your best efforts in whatever you do. When you put our 100% efforts in anything, then you feel fearless and you are sure about your success. Thus, it leads you to be more confident in doing anything.


Understand and utilize the power of Law of Attraction in your life - 

The Law of Attraction is always working whether you believe it or not. So, try to understand the concepts of law of attraction and utlilize it for the betterment of your life. Think and think about what you really want. When you are sure about it, visualize it as if you own it and then be ready to see the magic in your life.


Explore the nature and universe to understand the secrets of life - 

The more you will try to undertand the nature or the concepts of universe or how the natural phenomenon occurs, the more you will understand the secrets of life. The real meaning of be with the nature implies to see and understand the functioning of the nature. Have you ever thought what if sun disappears or what if earth stops rotating? If you really never thought, then its the time to think about it. Be with the nature and understand how it works. That will be the real meaning of being with the nature. Doing this on continuous basis will enligthen you on the spiritual path too.


Anyone can do anything - 

That's true, anyone can do anything. You just need to trust upon you and continue thriving for it. Keep practising the skill until you become master in that particular field. Everything needs time and dedication. With your continous dedication and hard work, you can surely achieve anything in this world. When you have a desire to achieve something and you are focused on it, you can surely get the positive outcome out of it.


Trust yourself and be confident - 

Always trust yourself that you can do it. When you trust upon yourself, you are confident in dealing with any type of situations. Thus, leading to overcome your fears and making yourself fearless.


Always be a change agent- 

Change is the only constant thing in this world. We should accept these changes with the open arms. If you see something around you, not working in the expected way, you should try to figure out the causes. If the causes need apprehension, then be ready to accept the change. So, in short, be the change agent rather than refusing it for known or unknown reasons.


Strong desire can make impossible things to become possible - 

When you really want to achieve something and stay focussed towards it, then the law of attraction work for you and help you in achieving it. So keep your desires strong and think what you really want in your life.


Do not think too much, just do it - 

Manier times, you want to do something but you just keep on thinking about it rather than actually taking any step towards it. So, the trick is not to overthink, but to start working upon it in a well planned manner. So, don't spend much time on thinking on how to start, but start with it to get the better understanding and the learn from your mistakes.